JK203M Installation Course of C-ARM Electric Integrated Surgical Table

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JK203M Installation Course of C-ARM Electric Integrated Surgical Table

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This table is a multi-functional operating table, with the delicately designed eccentric column, linear electric motor, single deck radiography panel. It is convenient for X-Ray examinations and C-Arm
JK203M (with orthopaedic tractor)
This table is a multi-functional operating table, with the delicately designed eccentric column, linear electric motor, single deck radiography panel. It is convenient for X-Ray examinations and C-Arm photograph on different parts of human body. 
Technical Parameter:JK203M
Height Adjustment(Electric):750-1000mm
Lateral Tilt(Electric):+15°/-15°
Back Section Adjustment(Electric) :+80°/-20°
Head Board Elevator Adjustment(Manual):+45°/-90°
Leg Board Adjustment(Manual):+15°/-90°
Build-in Kidney Elevator(Manual):0-120mm
Standard Accessories:
1.Shoulder supports:2PCS                    
2.Waist supports:2PCS
3.Arm supports:2PCS                           
4.Leg supports:2PCS
5.Anesthetic screen frame:1PC     
6.Manual controller:1PC
7.External power supply:1SET     
8.PU mattress:1SET  
9.Storage battery:1SET                         
10.Emergency stop switch:1SET       
Optional Accessories:
1.Orthopaedic Tractor                                        
2.Electric brake                
3.Backup control operating system                    
4.Function set                  
5.Head and leg board swap
Materials:304#Stainless steel base device and cover
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