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Product Detailed

The single-arm surgical tower is simple and compact in structure and convenient to use. It is an ideal medical gas, power supply, instrument platform, infusion pump holder, and network output terminal workstation. The installation adopts a ceiling suspension method and can rotate within 340 degrees. And the brakes are equipped to prevent drift, the height of the equipment makes the medical staff reachable, and the hand can be adjusted. At the same time, the height can be adjusted according to the height of the medical staff in a fixed situation. It is an indispensable medical equipment in modern hospitals.

Technical Parameter:
Standard Accessories:(Can be selected according to customer requirements)
Vacuum suction:2PCS
Compressed air:2PCS
Infusion stand:1PC
Power outlet:10PCS(Can be customized)
High-grade tray:2PCS(Can be customized)
Network, communication interface:Each1PC
Ground terminal:2PCS
(Standard port of each body port: "national standard", according to customer requirements, German standard, British standard, American standard terminal)
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